Untouched, a poem written by Ana Dee at Spillwords.com



written by: Ana Dee


The sun sets and rises
lavender skies melting
into specks of golden light
into pools of darkness.

A plane in the distance
leaves a trail I can’t follow.
My thoughts start pulsing.
You are missing.

At night I walk in circles.
Dirty dishes pile up,
calls go unanswered.
All I do is think of you.

On one hand, I count
just enough reasons
to keep a steady mind
though I rarely feel at ease.

Inspiration plays games
of catch and release.
When it’s my turn
I write for hours.

You are still my muse.

Even in my sleep
I am untouched.
by other bodies,
I only reach for you.

Ana Dee

Ana Dee

Ana Dee is a confessional poet and old school soul currently living in Ontario, Canada. Her work has most recently appeared in Train River Poetry and Spillwords Press. She speaks and lives through her poetry.
Ana Dee

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