Like You, a poetry written by Mary Wynne at
Milada Vigerova

Like You

Like You

written by: Mary Wynne


A few moments stolen here and there
In between the dog’s bark
And sauce rattling on the stove

I catch a glimpse of your poetry

Your words are corralled
Into the crowded pen of my day
Tossed around
Blurred into my consciousness
And mixed with chopped lettuce
Bad news
And a hungry man

I am fragmented

I envy the singularity of your mind
Your coincidence of memory serves you well as an artist
Keeping you at a distance from mundane distractions
And the spoils of moldy emotions

I am codependent

I burn my need to be needed in a spoon
Inhaling it into my being
Until I am high with expectations

Exhausted and disappointed
I exhale and find myself writing hate letters
And making obscene gestures

The truth of my words hurts

Scratches on paper
A patchwork of awkward marks
Like the skin of a cutter
They are my silent attempts to be heard
To find worth

I am uncertain

My story has never been clear
As if my work is already done here and I am called to be somewhere else
Maybe someplace solitary and distant
Like you

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