Like You, a poetry written by Mary Wynne at
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Like You

Like You

written by: Mary Wynne


A few moments stolen here and there
In between the dog’s bark
And sauce rattling on the stove

I catch a glimpse of your poetry

Your words are corralled
Into the crowded pen of my day
Tossed around
Blurred into my consciousness
And mixed with chopped lettuce
Bad news
And a hungry man

I am fragmented

I envy the singularity of your mind
Your coincidence of memory serves you well as an artist
Keeping you at a distance from mundane distractions
And the spoils of moldy emotions

I am codependent

I burn my need to be needed in a spoon
Inhaling it into my being
Until I am high with expectations

Exhausted and disappointed
I exhale and find myself writing hate letters
And making obscene gestures

The truth of my words hurts

Scratches on paper
A patchwork of awkward marks
Like the skin of a cutter
They are my silent attempts to be heard
To find worth

I am uncertain

My story has never been clear
As if my work is already done here and I am called to be somewhere else
Maybe someplace solitary and distant
Like you

Mary Wynne

Mary Wynne

Mary Wynne studied English literature at the University of Minnesota a million years ago, when she also published her first poem, in some now forgotten literary magazine. She still calls the North Country home, where she gardens, picks at the guitar and has rediscovered her love of playing with words. Her poem "The Long Night" was selected by Vita Brevis Press for their recent anthology Brought to Sight & Swept Away. She has completed two yet to be officially published chapbooks, Reconciliation and Hindsight. She is currently thinking about what to do next.
Mary Wynne

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