Tell Me, Show Me written by thePoeticpiper at

Tell Me, Show Me

Tell Me, Show Me

written by: thePoeticpiper



Tell me
Have you fallen in love with words expressed to you
Breath taken away, arms open in acceptance
Up, up you rise on your toes, to kiss them
Kiss them in the name of expression of your own words

Tell me
Have you fallen in love with the expressor
Words exhaled from deep within the soul of their soul
Not their hearts, for it does feel
Not their mind, for it does think

Tell me
In fact show me what falling in love is
I will stand, straight up mighty tall and receive
If there is a broken bridge between us
Pray to God to open a new path for us to meet, not the old

Show me
Show me your painting of these words you say you feel
Be in black blue red pink green purple, ink
Be in the blood that spilled out of your soul, show me
The meaning of not being lonely, lost but loved

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