Marooned By Memory, a poem by Fotoula Reynolds at
Iurii Melentsov

Marooned by Memory

Marooned By Memory

written by: Fotoula Reynolds


She holds on to her suitcase
And hums the names of
The women in her family
Like a lost prayer
She carries them inside her life

People stumble over her name
Try to guess it, speed reading is
A sham and a turn-off
Say her name with heart
Right or wrong she will see you

She feels surrounded but always alone
She looks at her hands
Old times there are not forgotten
She learns to love her nervous laughter
That sinks into silence like boards
Splintering beneath the kitchen floor
The wood is shot full of holes and
Polished, always polished
But no one bothered to keep the grass alive

Not even rain that falls without end
Or any riverbed stone can pardon
The storms that leave her marooned by memory

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