From The Pen Within, poetry by Jill Sharon Kimmelman at
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From The Pen Within

From The Pen Within

written by: Jill Sharon Kimmelman


Write from your soul
write because you don’t know how not to
write to nourish your spirit

Write when you soar with unparalleled elation and
when you are engulfed by a sadness so deep…there are no tears

Write for the freedom it promises and
when writing is the only way to scale the walls of your prison

Write about truths
pay no attention to rhyme schemes…line-breaks…genres…
word games…prompts…and syllable counts

Write from sun-up-to-sun-down and-
deep into another dark espresso night

Write because you must…when the choice to not write
will be the certain death of your spirit

Jill Sharon Kimmelman

Jill Sharon Kimmelman

Jill Sharon Kimmelman was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, in Poetry and Best Of The Net 2018. Publications include Vita Brevis Press, Spillwords Press, Yasou! A Celebration Of Life Ezine, Compositor, Writing In A Woman’s Voice blogspot, Poetic Musings, Delaware Boots On The Ground, and Better Than Starbucks. Her passions include reading aloud, “cooking from the heart”, theatre, lively book discussions, and photography. She lives in Delaware with her husband Tim, and is the proud mother of her son Jordan.
Jill Sharon Kimmelman

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