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How Did We Get Here

How Did We Get Here

written by: Kat Nichole



“Don’t worry I do.” I really do.

“I want you to hate the right person.”

“By people do you mean me?”
“You were so condescending.”
“I’m sorry this sounds like an attack. It’s not. I just have a lot to say.”
“But I’m not a 15-year-old girl that needs you to be a jerk to me to get that you don’t like me.”

“Yeah I could tell that it hurt you and I felt bad.” Then why did you do it?

“And you were first and foremost my friend.”
“And to be honest I never had any real hopes.”
“I can’t trust you.”
“But again I really am sorry that I’ve been a bad friend.”
“I’m here.”
“Wake up then. We need to talk.”

“You’re not annoying. I legit keep going back to sleep.”


“It’s for the good of both of us.”
“But…I think we should maybe not hang out so much for a while.”
“And I acted out of selfish interest last night.”
“What happened last night, probably won’t happen again. And I need to apologize for that.”

“/I wanna take a nap so bad”

“Hey just come in when you get here, if I don’t answer. I think my phones about to die.”
“Hey what’re you doing around 5?”
“Of course I can’t sleep…wth…”
“I’ll see you tomorrow night. But I’ll probably text you before then”
“I told her you’re my girlfriend”
“I was gonna see if you wanted to hang out for a bit”
“Otherwise I would 🙂 “
“You really are like my counselor. When did this happen?”


A sampling of a once promising relationship

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