The Cape I Wear For You, poetry by Barbara A. Salinas at
Jen Theodore

This Cape I Wear For You

This Cape I Wear For You

written by: Barbara A. Salinas



As I lay my head upon
my pillows and sheet,
I do not sleep,
I weep.

I replay
your call
as you explain it all.
Your voice filled with sadness, anger and pain.
Life’s challenges
covered in bandages.
Your heart is racing with anxiety
as you cope day in and day out
with the insanity
of life’s reality.

This cape I wear for you.
It gives me strength and might
to help you through your fight or flight.

Stand tall and rise upon your feet
another challenge you will defeat.
Remember this and this alone,

This cape I wear for you.
My love for you
is endless and true.
My dear children,
I love you.

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