The Beast Within, poetry written by Barbara A. Salinas at

The Beast Within

The Beast Within

written by: Barbara A. Salinas



My soul sinks as I think.
Sleep? Not a wink.
Inside I’m Screaming
to find the Meaning
of our Aggression,
Anxiety & Depression.
We seem to offer No
Affection only Rejection
in our current Situation.
Slammin’ the door,
Stompin’ the floor
Fists in the air
with a look in their eye
of fright & despair.
As the night falls,
Then so do the walls.
I sit and weep.
I watch them sleep.
Gently I tuck them in,
Pull the covers to their chin.
I stroke each their hair.
Wipe my tears and smile
as the raging currents in our
heads subside for a while.
Sleep well my children
angelic and sweet,
The beast within, we shall defeat.

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