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The Beast Within

written by: Barbara A. Salinas



My soul sinks as I think.
Sleep? Not a wink.
Inside I’m Screaming
to find the Meaning
of our Aggression,
Anxiety & Depression.
We seem to offer No
Affection only Rejection
in our current Situation.
Slammin’ the door,
Stompin’ the floor
Fists in the air
with a look in their eye
of fright & despair.
As the night falls,
Then so do the walls.
I sit and weep.
I watch them sleep.
Gently I tuck them in,
Pull the covers to their chin.
I stroke each their hair.
Wipe my tears and smile
as the raging currents in our
heads subside for a while.
Sleep well my children
angelic and sweet,
The beast within, we shall defeat.

Barbara A. Salinas

Barbara A. Salinas

My name is Barbara A. Salinas. I am a Freelance Graphic Designer. I love the world of art! Drawing, painting, digital designing and now poetry. I am a single mom of four. Two are grown and have their own lives and family and two are still young and at home. I received my Associates in Advertising and Graphic & Designs. I returned to complete my core and to soon gain another degree which is the Associates of Arts. It is during this time that my English professor inspired me to begin my writing in poetry. Concrete Poetry is my favorite because I can give the readers a visual of what I write. My poetry is about the daily struggles of Mental Health disorders with myself and my children. I know that there are many people out there that can actually be that person in my poems. I also write about art and life in general. I love art, storms and the strong bonds of my family.
Barbara A. Salinas

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