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How Could I Not…

How Could I Not…

written by: Julie Powell



You know I love you, how could I not

Even though you still keep me waiting
I keep wondering is there
even a small chance we will soon be dating

Why so long, are you waiting for me to do you some wrong
If this is true then believe me your waiting is in vein
I couldn’t and I wouldn’t cause you any pain

Or is it you’re unsure of your own feelings for me
Keeping them at bay scared of being stung as if by a bumblebee

Please fear not as you must surely know that I could never hurt you

It’s hurting me now because
I need to feel free to love you

My feelings feel trapped I’m bursting to let them out
I’m scared too but my feelings for you outweigh my fears and any tears

I need to feel I can touch you, hug you without fearing you’ll push me away
Or waiting forever for the right moment just to say…

I wanna kiss you any time just to say hey you’re mine

I wanna be able to tell you I love you anytime of the day or night

You’re on my mind all of the time but that’s not enough

I need you by my side, I need to know you are truly mine

You’re the only one for me and as I’ve
said before you give me all I need

I don’t want anyone or anything else

Please believe me when I say

I know I love you how could I not…

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