Since I Fell In Love With You, a poem by Julie Powell at

Since I Fell In Love With You

Since I Fell In Love With You

written by: Julie Powell



As soon as I saw you
I fell for you
Like never before my feelings so raw
I remember that day
Like it was yesterday

I felt that the age gap between us
could be too much
Though I still wanted to feel your touch
I wanted it so much

A lucky lady you already had
I’m not sure if you were happy or sad
You didn’t seem to be over glad
sometimes even a little bit mad

I tried to put you out of my mind
not to be unkind
But to spare my despair
Knowing you’re with someone
And wondering if she is the one

Then I hear she is gone
you are just you
not belonging to anyone new

I say goodbye to my boyfriend
It was at an end
I needed the push
It was far from any romantic mush

I was so wanting to rush to you
but thought it best to leave time for you to think things through

Then my worse day ever
I don’t know what to think
my heart just sinks

You’re with another
The thoughts in my head
Fill me with dread
My heart feels like lead

Where is the chemistry between you and her
I try not to look
I try not to stare
but I need to see if there’s anything there
Chemistry, love, trust or even just a little lust…

I feel secure in my thoughts that separate you from her
It’s just a matter of time
before you’ll be mine

I’m so happy
we spend a little time together
At last
But then a horrible blast
You just want fun
So off you run
to pastures new
So I realise now we’re through

God tell me I’m wrong
I thought we had found where you belong

I’ll try not to mope and still live in hope
One day you just may
Come to me and decide to stay
Damn that would be the best ever day

Whatever we’ve been through
all I know is
I would be so happy to spend every day of the rest of my life with you

I really do love you x

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