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Busy Bee

Busy Bee

written by: Julie Powell



Busy bee…

Buzzing around me, ever so close to me
But never quite landing on me
My forever busy bumble bee

Off you buzz leave if you must
Where you will go only you know
My forever busy bumble bee

You will soon be back with your buzzing
Your hovering and your humming
Are you coming or are you going
My forever busy bumble bee

Some might run some might hide
I know though that you are kind
Why would I run and tell
I trust you and
I know you well
If you were to land on me
All would be fine
Because you’re mine
My forever busy bumble bee

To hurt me
To sting me
Would hurt you too
That’s why I trust you
In all that you do
My forever busy bumble bee

Off again you buzz
Collecting information
Storing, memorising
Doing what you do
Is what makes you be you
My ever busy bumble bee

Away you might be
Busy buzzing around a flower, a tree
I might not hear your buzz or feel you flying by close to me
Though I do so wish you would land upon me
Somehow I know
That wherever you are
You will always be
My one and only
Just beautiful and Lovely…

Forever busy bumble bee…

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