The Rankless Generals, poetry written by Okpa Usang at

The Rankless Generals

The Rankless Generals

written by: Okpa usang


jacket owners
suit owners
Abgada owners
South native wearers

All sit in the red CHAMBER
After sitting for hours
Men in Coats
point Microphone
In their mouths

Wait and Hear them talk
a smile showing their white teeth
We have set up a committee
That is all We hear

The Benue massacre
The Zamfarw massacre
The Kaduna flood
Yet private jets moving in a mock parade

In my paradise city
suit owners
Red cap wearers spend their money
making you feel oppressed
with what belongs to you

Yet you move around with bottles
You move with guns
fighting for them
To set committees
To loot your future

Yet we call them GENERALs
Generals without war
Generals without rank.

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