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The Leaderboard Keeps Ticking

The Leaderboard Keeps Ticking

written by: Manohar S K


The leaderboard keeps ticking,
nobody wants to lead.
There are no medals, numbers only to play for; many in red, some in grey and a few in green.

Now then, you may ask, “how do I win this game?”
Well, even the Delphic Oracle would say, “nobody wins this game, you only survive, lesser the number the luckier you are.”
The game is being played across oceans, along the rivers, over the mountains, here, there and everywhere.

Sparing no fat cats, no royalty,
ruffling the egomaniacs and even the innocents.
Eclipsed the opulent West, frazzled the ancient East.
Thank God, there isn’t much life at the Poles.

Emptied your vault for tanks, rockets, missiles and sophisticated submarines,
only to see now the dead, the half dead, ailing patients; beds running short, morgues running full.

What’s worse you ask?
The graveyard is filled, so is our heart with remorse and immeasurable melancholy.
Crestfallen at this modern catastrophe, an appalling apocalypse, a tumultuous tragedy.

Mother nature’s fury it is, some say.
Some see it as a long due cleansing act.
Accusations also made, buck passed, cried over the spilt milk.
No answers yet, as numbers spike, spirits crushed the World over.

May be it was all destined.
Perhaps a lesson, a reminder, a wake up call for us all.
To be more responsible, to practice humility and to spread compassion, love and appreciation.
For that’s the only way to row our boat, in this voyage called life,
steering with measured restraint, in quiet seas, the troubled waters and high tides.
Let’s seize the moment and emerge stronger as better beings.

“Well then, what’s next?” You ask.
Post Tenebras Lux I say.

Manohar S K

Manohar S K

Manohar S K is passionate about Literature, Poetry, Art and Music. He is deeply influenced by Pablo Neruda and many literary giants from across the globe. He holds an MA in English from Jain University Bengaluru, India and is an Aquarian. When not absorbed in writing, Manohar loves playing snooker, sipping a cup of filter coffee and attending Bengaluru FC's matches. He is a huge admirer of Amal Clooney and luckily shares his birthday with her. He lives in Bengaluru and can go on and on about the city.
Manohar S K

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