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written by: Fin Hall


darkness descends, the streets are foreboding
hooded gangs prowl
dim lights hide shapes in the shadows
the toxic city wakes
masks abound
around closed shops and stores
few cars emit polluting gases
and strangers, eyes down
pass each other.
winter draws near
the fear still lingers
the year has been like no other
the bodies piled up
the loneliness has eased
but memories
ah memories
remembering when things were fine
when we all lived together
rightly or wrongly
not now,
it's changed
the world is strange
the future remains bleak
as we seek
answers which aren’t there
because leaders didn’t care
egos got in the way of sanity
and many suffered
the toxic city prepares

Fin Hall

Fin Hall

I started writing poetry in the early 1970’s, but until last year hadn’t written anything for ages. Started performing my work on stage last year also. Lockdown has given me time and the inspiration to write even more. I live in the North East of Scotland a few miles short of the Moray Firth.
Fin Hall

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