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Intrigue In Denim

written by: Judge Burdon


She was intrigue dressed in denim with a whisper of leather. The delicate strength in her voice confirmed she wore lace underneath. A loveliness more than mere surface trimming. Beauty created from diamonds and wisteria petals found deep in her soul. You dare not gaze directly at her, it would be like staring into the Sun. Yes, there was a double edged darkness in her Aura surrounding the elegance of allure. Like the fluff of feathers disguising the perilous talons of an Owl. A vision containing a piece of every woman I've ever loved and every woman I would never know. The "B" string on a guitar I couldn't quite twist into perfect pitch.
She was "Intrigue in Denim".

Judge Burdon

Judge Burdon

On an unseasonably cool July morning in Chicago, equivalent to David Copperfield, Judge Santiago Burdon was born on a Friday. The Bronte sisters, Keats, Burns and Dickens inspired his study of English Literature. He attended Universities in the United States, London and Paris directing his focus on Victorian novels and authors.
His short stories and poems have been featured in; The Remnant Leaf, Stay Weird and Keep Writing, Independent Writer's Podcast, Spillwords, The Beatnik Cowboy, Down in the Dirt Magazine, The Raven Cage, Eskimo Pie, Across The Margin, Story Pub, Scarlet Leaf Review, Horror Sleaze Trash, The Stray Branch and Anti-Heroin Chic.
"Stray Dogs and Deuces Wild Cautionary Tales" the first book from Santiago was published by HST Publishing in January. He is presently engaged in finishing his book "Imitation of Myself." A non-fiction story encompassing his experiences as a drug runner for a Mexican Cartel. He celebrated his 66th birthday last July and lives modestly in Costa Rica.
Judge Burdon

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