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The Dragon

written by: Mitch Bensel



the dragon stands upon his mountain
fire ...smoldering deep
his breath fast
wanting the ...sacrifice
her body so fine...
tied to the post
of another's desires
the dragon...flies
the air jealous of his skill
to move with ease
slowly reaching the body of beauty
she screams...
the dragon...
she relaxes
...the power surges
through her being she...
the dragon...forever ...holds
the maiden...
lifting her from ...life's
releasing her passion
into his ...claws...across
of love

Mitch Bensel

Mitch Bensel

Multi genre author, Time of Death ER book, spoken word cd's, Psychological thriller, On The Edge of Evil, Children's books.
Rock hound, grandparent, retired EMT
Mitch Bensel

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