A Year in Kyiv, poetry by Gerry Stefanson at Spillwords.com
Ganna Aibetova

A Year in Kyiv

A Year in Kyiv

written by: Gerry Stefanson


clocks run slower, time – most
clocks run faster, time – fear
clocks run out of time – shattered
as do civilians
as do soldiers
as do survivors

winter wearies on/everyone carries on/doing the unimaginable
so well – so brave
spring is in sight /rockets still fly, as bombs fall
sunflowers will explode in, so joyous
days grow longer, as does hope/they have cultivated
so many comrades – hope, faith, follow.

she was selling calendars!
at the market
some thought she was mad
most believed she was “new found hope”
you can ’X’ off completed days on a calendar
as the ‘Xs’ will out number the yet to come days
your heart counts down the days by moments to freedom.

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