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Fall Forward

written by: Sona Wilae



arcane drops
of burnt hawthorn,
refashion chestnut beauty
as enticing odes of jovial
amber plume fowls serenade
maple leaves, as tunnel winds cease
timber soils of stillness in calm chaos.
Extend sunsets cool moonlight greetings
I...fancy open candlelit windows alluring
subtle bliss embracing the core
values revived ending
summer’s erotic

Sona Wilae

Sona Wilae

I embody the dreadful experience and disabilities of a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps; sexually assaulted by the dishonorable bias of three male perpetrators in uniform. I am an overcomer of my skin; yet I struggle in prayer hourly to overcome racism, hatred and past abuse. I am a domestic abuse survivor, drug, and alcohol abuser; later to serve as a motivational speaker throughout the state of Florida correctional facilities. I victoriously served as an Outreach Specialist and received the Good Citizenship award in 2009-2010.
I am a writer, poet, and blogger. I write as therapy. Prayerfully I will release my "tell most," autobiography in the years to come. I have lived through many battles, which I chose foolishly, immaturely or nonvoluntarily. I am joyously married and a believer in Jesus Christ.
Sona Wilae

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