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Write As Rain

Write As Rain

written by: Sona Wilae



Breeze rippling sheer
embroidered patches
as sunlight streaming
shadows prance
across plastered walls…
As precipitation mist
cool Floridian rays
beaming tin roofs.

Winter temps once
again; no-show.
pre-Black Power,
steel railroad tracks
line wooded villages
alluring Negro Parramore
affluent historical influence.

Simple sassy society
triumphant triad; God,
family, integrity…
As orange blossoms
scents catch rides on
gulf ocean breezes;
lakes squeeze catfish
and mullets squirm.

Black power, affirmative
Action-Jackson, Gen-ex,
Millennials; table of contents
of discontent line groves
of grown at thirteen; Mom
teens and classic hassles
of graduation tassels blow
green-orange, maroon and gold

Story be told…South Street
runs rich with dissecting
black blood across OBT,
Gore, Grand and Church.
So many secrets roam streets
of culture, like vultures tearing
back the skins of unresting
Heros and Sheroes of color.

Sona Wilae

Sona Wilae

I embody the dreadful experience and disabilities of a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps; sexually assaulted by the dishonorable bias of three male perpetrators in uniform. I am an overcomer of my skin; yet I struggle in prayer hourly to overcome racism, hatred and past abuse. I am a domestic abuse survivor, drug, and alcohol abuser; later to serve as a motivational speaker throughout the state of Florida correctional facilities. I victoriously served as an Outreach Specialist and received the Good Citizenship award in 2009-2010.
I am a writer, poet, and blogger. I write as therapy. Prayerfully I will release my "tell most," autobiography in the years to come. I have lived through many battles, which I chose foolishly, immaturely or nonvoluntarily. I am joyously married and a believer in Jesus Christ.
Sona Wilae

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