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Mar Gulo

Spring is Here

Spring is Here!

written by: Jacqueline Mead



Spring is here!
It is safe to say.
My favourite time of year,
Has come out to play.
Everywhere is bustling, full of new life.
Softening the harshness of Winter’s sacrifice.
New blooms will open from the warmth of the Sun.
Long, hot days of Summer, not yet begun.
But Spring offers the promise of more to come.
More colours to brighten the hedgerows and meadows.
Deepening the green of fields left fallow.
More sounds from birds high up in their trees.
Rejoicing in the new members of their families.
More buzzing as the bees collect pollen for their beloved Queen.
Creating honey for our afternoon teas.
More warmth as the Sun gets stronger every day.
More happiness and smiles as we go about our days,
Enjoying the warmth created by the Sun’s warm rays.
More picnic, barbeques and cream teas.
More family days out, trips to the sea.
More bike rides, running and games played outdoors.
More hiking and diving, foreign lands explored.

Let us all rejoice that Spring is here.
Sit in the garden, glass of wine in hand and to Mother Nature say “Cheers!”

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