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Sanket Deorukhkar

Stop a Moment

Stop a Moment

written by: Bob Laurie



Remember yesterday with all your worries and your fear
How you dreaded tomorrow and now it is here

Now that it’s here will you worry of yesterday
How you wasted your time in the thoughts of today

Stop a moment, stand back, take a look

Do you see what I see how you let today pass you by
Worrying about things you could not change if you try

Did you see that opportunity pass within your sight
When you were worrying about the left you should have been looking right

Stop a moment, stand back and take a look

Are you trying to change tomorrow with your ignorance and dismay
Instead of changing your heart and living for today

How many days will you waste in the circle of your fear
Yesterday and tomorrow will never make it clear

God will change your heart he’ll show you in his book

Just stop for a moment, stand back and take a look

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