Silly Bird Wants to Fly by Khalid Belkhalfi at

Silly Bird Wants to Fly

Silly Bird Wants to Fly

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi



Silly bird wants to say goodbye
Now he thinks he can go so high
I was there the first day the egg hatched
To my golden spoon he was attached
I only fed him with the best seeds
And I’ve always come to his needs
I’ve watched all his feathers grow
And I’ve protected him from the crow
I’ve never slept when he’s sick
And when he called I answered quick

But now he thinks he’s my prisoner
And he wants to leave my corner
His only wish is to open the door
Or he’s not singing anymore
I said wait until you grow bigger
And your wings get stronger and thicker
He said stop! don’t show me how to fly
I’m the bird, so let me go or I’ll die

With a broken heart I let him go
And in his first flight he met the crow
He couldn’t flee because he was weak
The crow killed him with his beak
Whose fault was it? Me or the crow?
Why the bird didn’t want to know?
That ignorance is the one to blame
And always kill like a burning flame

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