River Green written by Cristina Munoz at Spillwords.com

River Green

River Green

written by: Cristina Munoz



once a physic revealed
while pregnant with me
my mother’s extreme grief
over her own mother dying
created an overwhelming sadness
the constant flow of her weeping
forming a wide river of sorrow
which seeped past my bones
into my very marrow,
entering my veins,
mixing with my blood
soaking my soul
causing me to arrive
in this world too soon
making my nature complicated
leaning towards the melancholy
even keeping my skin
from becoming dry
explaining why
whenever i cry
my eyes change colour
from his hazelnut brown
to her river green

she finished by predicting
in this life i am destined
for a permanent separation
from all of my blood family
and how this is a good thing
just like with my father
i didn’t believe her replying,
“My mother is the super glue
which sticks my brothers
and i together.”
until barely a year later
she died too

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