War and Peace, poetry by Liam Flanagan at Spillwords.com
Engin Akyurt

War and Peace

War and Peace

written by: Liam Flanagan



Remember Tolstoy an author of your times
You too were invaded by a foreign power
Napoleon marching with menace into your land
Forgotten now how one man can bring so much horror and death to Russian homes
A refusal to allow your country to succumb to the distorted ambition of a dictator who knows psychosis all too well
He set Moscow on fire and lay siege to St. Petersburg
Remember now how much suffering and devastation one man brought
To your country/your cities/your people/your friends/your family
Stop these abhorrent actions being done in the Slavic name
Read the words of the possibility of living a moral life in an imperfect world
You too have a culture of religion and spirituality
Knowing the difference between Right and
Rise up now a proud history of uprising and revolution
Putting an ending to the atrocities and mass exodus of your neighbours
From their lives and from their peaceful homes

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