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written by: Hema



The misty white morning
gives way to a gentle breeze
freshness penetrating into hearts
Spring birds around, letting out calls
to their prospective mates,
Amidst this euphoria, the emptiness.
Gastronomical delights for the body aplenty
walk through the mansion day-long
Attenders at beck and call-
a gentle sneeze would bring the battalion into line.
At the work front, the entry into
the ivory tower 'Restricted.'
in-house bandicoots-
monotonous, monologues mediocrity,
Gadgets seem more alive!
Endless trips to soothsayers
and spiritual giants,
their wallets and gait built some more
Magical spells vanish at their exit gates.
The sixth sense a burden than boon?



Often, the question arises- are successful people happy? What measures success?
The verse attempts to find answers to the questions in the verse.

Hema Ravi

Hema Ravi

Hema Ravi is a freelance trainer for IELTS and Communicative English. Her poetic publications include haiku, tanka, free verse and metrical verses. Her write ups have been published in the Hindu, New Indian Express, Femina, Woman's Era, and several online and print journals; a few haiku and form poems have been prize winners. She has contributed to the 'Destine Literare' (Canada). Besides, she is the author of ‘Everyday English,’ ‘Write Right Handwriting Series 1,2,3,’ co-author of Sing Along Indian Rhymes’ and ‘Everyday Hindi.’ Her "Everyday English with Hema," a series of English lessons are broadcasted by the Kalpakkam Community Radio.
Hema Ravi

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