#First World Problems, a poem written by CJ Delous at Spillwords.com
H. S. Wong

#First World Problems

#First World Problems

written by: CJ Delous


Swept along by the causal tide,
riding the waves of time


if the numbers cease to speak
& the edifice crumbles,
revealing only a single peace-
full temporal ontology,

what then?

How do we end
or continue, or begin to
make sense of it all without stories we
can now only read
but never believe?

I think a 12-hour shift
constantly on your feet,
making pointless shit for foreigners you
will never meet

could answer that question:

“I don’t care any more.
All I want is to feed my family
& sleep beneath a roof & between 4 walls…”

CJ Delous

CJ Delous

Unpublished, working-class poet trying to escape, writing under a pseudonym to kill the author so that the words alone speak for themselves.
CJ Delous

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