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written by: Eva Marie Cagley



Standing here naked before you
Seducing you with the melody of my words
Slowly disrobing, casting them out
One by one, and releasing the essence of my soul.

Seductively whispering each word
Placing a velvet kiss upon your bare skin
While teasing and taunting you
Images playing out before us now
A midnight swim where the sun sets
On a glowing tangerine beach.

Where secret lovers meet in the moonlight of dreams.
Freeing the person within
Feeling the warm sand as it caresses our toes
The softness of your nose as it brushes
Playfully against mine.

Lingering on your honey sweet lips
As our tongues make love effortlessly,
The rising passion of the tides
Swelling within my breast
Now alive with anticipation,
Wave after wave of
Emotions lapping against our souls
And bodies.

Riding each wave onto the next sunset plane.
Standing here naked before you,
As your eyes drink the nectar of my soft flesh
Seducing you with the melody of my words!

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