A Puff of Misty Purple Smoke, poetry by Eva Marie Cagley at Spillwords.com

A Puff of Misty Purple Smoke

A Puff of Misty Purple Smoke

written by: Eva Marie Cagley



Poof the genie of your dreams and hopes
Granting you three wishes of your desires.
Ah, what shall they be to light the fires?
Shall I dance the genie dance for you?
Around and around the bottle blue
Kick my silk up into the air?
Tossing and throwing my long brown silken hair
shall I draw you within my reach?
Touch you tender on your cheek?
Tenderly smile that smile at you
Give you a sexy wink or two?
Or shall I be the tempest?
Shall I wish upon the stars
Stealing your wishes from your heart
Leave you empty inside this night
Feeling miss-used and blue?
Perhaps you’d care to dine with me
in my bottled lining
Served up on the good china.
And sterling silver
I assure you the desert would be
Whipped up into fondue!
Slowly I taste the sweets desires
Taking us higher and higher
Heated in the fleshes oven
Together we bake in rising loving.
Come on now make your wish come true
Better hurry before it’s gone too.
I ate one of them in the fondue
You drank one in the bubbling brew.
What shall it be then to make you quake?
What manner of wish will make you shake?
Within your soul’s greatest ecstasy
what pleasure do you desire from me?
Shall I run my fingers over you
Feel you, touch you and set you free
massaging your whole body?
Climb inside your entity?
Shall I feel your spirit
directing it through?
Feeling zapped and enlightened
Dare you wish a wish from me?
Genie of my own fantasy
Living in this bottle of make believe.
Take your chances if you feel the need.
Here I come in a puff of smoke misty purple smoke.

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