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Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

written by: Eva Marie Cagley



See Saw See Saw
The old wood one we made
Up and down up and down we’d go
Jump off and thump the one on the other side
Which we found funny while they cried

Then there was the Merry Go Round
Slanted and worn with age
Round and round we’d all hang on,
While one ran along to push the side
Jumping on when they tired
To also enjoy the ride!

Old Tire Swing tied to the tree
Where we’d get pushed higher and higher
Above the tree limbs
Feeling free and alive
Those were the days I remember.

Hide and seek in the dark
Where we’d call ally all in free
Tired of looking for each other
As we counted behind the tree…

Red Rover Red Rover
But I was never sent over
Too small to be picked you see
Everyone broke right through me.

Captain May I take a step,
No Sir Ree,
Take one back not forward
I command thee.

Statue Maker Statue Maker
While we swung each other round
Stay exactly as landed
While the buyer made his round,

He would touch you with his magic key
And see what the statue would do
Sometimes it was so silly
We laughed the whole game through!

Double Dutch, Swinging Rope
Now count One, Two and Three
Better make it in time
Cause that rope hurt, Yes Sir Rees.

Then there was the old barn
We’d climb upon the large barrels to reach
Sneak over to the other side
Where no one could take a peek.

Girl talks of boys back then
And who we had a crush on
Looking back at those happy times
Realizing I did have fun.

Playing Barbie with the neighbor girls
Where we’d dress everyone
And Ken of course was vied by all
As there were five Babies to every one!

Dressed up like princesses
In costumes made by my friends mom
We even had a magic wand
That glittered in the hot sun.

Then there were the fireflies
That also gave light
As we put them into quart jars
To enjoy with delight!

Water fights when mom was gone
Water all over the kitchen floor
We had to mop up fast
When mom arrived at the front door,

Singing with my sister
While she washed and I dried,
She thought her voice was better
And told me so much I cried.

These are the memories of my
Childhood fun
Once I had forgotten that I had some
Yet I remember now they live within.

Memories kept of time once spent
When I was young without a care
Golden and written within my heart now
Takes me back there.

Those were the games we played
After our chores and studies were done
By the pole light in the yard
Where the moon glowed and the night was still young!

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