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written by: Elizabeth Barton



Home is where I place my hat,
The hearth is my burning strategy,
The fire is my heart aflame
And makes a bed for my repose.

The walls are formed with my dreams,
And enclose my abode of rest;
The fabric of my pillow is desire,
The magic of will becomes a nest.

Where I lie my dreams abide,
And form a crucible of alchemy
Upon an altar drawing heaven down
And prayers sent form a coverlet.

Home is where I found my heart
A canopy of a life richly lived,
The altar is the firm foundation
And proof of magic makes the roof.



The accompanying image is a drawing of a view from my window in a small village on the English south coast, where I used to live.

Elizabeth Barton

Elizabeth Barton

Elizabeth Barton is an artist and poet living in New Zealand, close to nature and free to create. Her art is in private and public collections world wide.
Elizabeth Barton

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