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Bike Ride

written by: Vickie Mryczko



Speed. Leisurely...determined...fierce.
All creating movement, rhythm and balance.
Sweet memories of the heart ignite our growth with each mile traveled.
Look not backwards too long; for it may cause a fumble, wobble or fall.
May our minds not dwell on these struggles of unsteadiness.
Instead, acknowledge the roads taken and embrace each future destination.
May our passions and loves set into motion our freedoms to experience.
Enjoy the warm sun on your face; the breeze through your hair and the winds of change propelling you forward.

Vickie Mryczko

Vickie Mryczko

I am a single mom, who has been through some stuff. I have always enjoyed writing. There is no greater joy than being able to share my words, written or spoken. My hope is to be able to inspire healing, confidence and self motivation.
Vickie Mryczko

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