World Wide Corona, poetry written by Sophia Behal at
Dimitri Karastelev

Worldwide Corona

Worldwide Corona

written and performed by: Sophia Behal


Worldwide corona.
Corona you are strong.
Person after person be strong.
An unknown substance with a crown is lethal.
It’s a bit of a surprise for us all.

Worldwide danger.
Corona you are wrong.
People we have to unite and be strong.
Corona unknown substance:
“You can’t have us all.”

It’s like meeting a stranger.
Corona is so very strong.
Let’s pray to god, for our chance.
Humanity must be well.
Corona, deadening, one can’t see ya.

Corona you are not acceptable.
Corona be ready we are strong.
Killing us all would be wrong.
Humanity needs to survive well. We have a greater mission.
Corona we promise we won’t have ya.

Corona you are an invisible danger.
Corona we, vaccines, and all will be stronger.
Oh, God let’s get together and pray for our chance.
Corona you are not getting us that’s all.
We will unite and fight ya!

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