I Am Awake, poetry written by Sophia Behal at Spillwords.com

I Am Awake

I Am Awake

(thoughts of a Vampire)

written by: Sophia Behal

performed by: Sean van Dutch


I am awake.
A sleeping city lays
beneath my feet.
But now a stranger passes.

I am awake.
A tasty smell of fresh blood
beneath my nose,
lingers and gives me a fresh energy shot.

I am awake.
A certain someone close to me lies
wherever you are; time flies,
and close to it my attention ties.

I am awake.
A search starts:
for a perfect time & place,
for the hurtful act at a corner in the dark.

I am awake
as everyone sleeps.
No one would witness
when my demon’s heart-shaped fang the neck pinches.

I am awake.
Drops of blood circulate.
A moment to celebrate.
One left for the other’s sake.

I am awake.

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