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written by: Samantha Beardon


I wrap my hands around the shawl
of slithery faded silk
I raise it, to my face to search
for an elusive scent

Memories from days gone by
come flooding in my mind
a mix of joy and sadness
firmly intertwined

I turn to find the fragment
of the mirror wrapped in
cloth, I feel them close
within the glass
the ghosts of those I love

I see two tarnished napkin rings
inside a cedar bowl
and tucked into a pocket
the ebony black queen

Inside my bag I have my home
memories, from days gone by
I lost the rest, I am alone
I will be till I die

Samantha Beardon

Samantha Beardon

Writer and Silk Painter from the far east of the United Kingdom.
Loves to read History, historical novels, fantasy and some romance.
Paints silk mostly wearable art.
Loves games particularly Scrabble and word games, plays at every opportunity online and at home.
Interested in relationships and what makes people who they are in general.
First novel Converging Lives, first poetry book Caught in Passion.
She showcases poetry and relationship issues on her blog Converging Lives Poetry and Prose.
Runs a Facebook group for poets who want to learn and debate: Rising Moon Poetry.
Samantha Beardon

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