Jack O' Lantern of Gabriola Island, poetry by Gerry Stefanson at Spillwords.com
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Jack O’ Lantern of Gabriola Island

Jack O’ Lantern of Gabriola Island

written by: Gerry Stefanson


every event has its fans, special
to take one and make it stand.
Oh Jack, loved Halloween
the lantern thing.
broke his heart to extinguish the flame
in a pumpkin carved so bright
every Halloween night.
He furrowed them along the North Road Tunnel*
add abandoned ones as well, they’re funneled.
then set them alight
others seeing this wonder
would add theirs to Jack’s plunder
quite a daunting sight.
no one knew by whose design
plus the who’s that kept light aglow.
Jack would shepherd his herd
tend to his flock, it has become quite a sight.
We the Island lost Jack two years back
yet the Legend grows and prospers
so who’s the soul that silently allows them to flow.

When the night grows longer
the shadow in the Tunnel’s mist
cap on head, match in hand
of course our “Jack O’ Lantern”
Folk come to lands of legends
Jack became to be a legend.



The Spanish founded Gabriola Island B.C. 1791ish, it was never lost and was in good hands.
Jack found Gabriola in 1971ish? He became the culture of what Gabriola is. His print is all over the Island, though gone he embodied the kindness, love with a dash of spice. Rumours abound of the man in the mist of North Road Tunnel* each Halloween, who would ever start that chatter, if you knew Jack you would
“Know Jack.”

* North Road Tunnel, Gabriola Island – 3km long heavy canopied of tree growth tight to roadway, wonderful graveyard for Lanterns.

The Mattes family and crew were kind to allow me to tell this Jack story.

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