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written by: Monica Medappa



The blind man and the rooster.
Walked miles and miles together.
Offerings of corn by village folk they shared together.
He sang to him and he clucked in acknowledgment.
One night, the blind man slept intoxicated. The rooster pecked him in several places, unintended.
At dawn, from every peck arose an eyeball. He could see it all!!
Sky and land! Feet and church arcade, fishes below, pelicans overhead! All at the same time. compound vision!
He ran to the village, overwhelmed
‘Magical rooster! Visions to me, he rendered!’
People petrified! ‘Bogeyman!!’ Kids mortified.
The guards promptly arrived.
‘Magical rooster! visions to me, he rendered!!’
The rooster’s neck was instantly wrung. Following day, accused of witchcraft, he was hung…

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