Always Find a Safe Harbour, poem by Gerry Stefanson at
Kumiko Hawkes - Shizen Photography (Gabriola Island)

Always Find a Safe Harbour


Always Find a Safe Harbour

written by: Gerry Stefanson



Blood pressure raises
as destination harbour
falls into view.
a Viking spotting – new shore,
or a day sailors/fisherman’s return,
not all do.

Seas rarely give up the dead.
Feet now on land, affirmation of completion of task,
or forgotten or lost.
Water does not support headstones well.
Burial at sea, often lacks attendance
of grievers though.

Voyages all start,
so they all end.
We are aware of the beginnings,
final landing, a coin toss for many.

Passages on sea, in life or in living.
We set charts, cast dreams and drop unexpected anchors.
Reefs, rocks, pirates, hurricanes our personal Bermuda triangles.
Take on or hire on, partners and crews,
finagles family and friends, lovers and loss.
True memories, play part of the final cost,
till we adventure again.



Passages series photography by Kumiko Hawkes – Shizen Photography

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