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Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

written by: Samantha Beardon


Cutting edge design?
If so it’s a crime,
I get.
The need to streamline,
To make everything compact,
To reduce weight, that’s a fact
I understand that first class,
gets the whizz,
But The smaller the space, 
     the more,
 the design should fizz,
So why,
     in economy class 
           on planes,
Do you feel a maniac has had the reins?
                Paying less, 
                    unimportant guest? 

Why are the buttons, for recline
on the inside of the arm, 
         Is that fine design?
Unless you are stick thin
they are hard to reach,
Turn on your light,
Become a contortionist,
balance on one cheek,
The remote for the screen,
again on the inside is seen,
Fudge about, to pull it out,
Twist and strain without a doubt.

Where are the instructions,
for how it all works?
Where? For us less techno savvy burkes?
Even in economy plus, you need to limbo
When leaving your seat,
ok if a nimbo
With little space why a coat hook
Something more useful
would be better in my book!
Cutting edge design?
If so it’s a crime!

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