4 People Isolating, commentary written by Sophia Behal at Spillwords.com

4 People Isolating

4 People Isolating

written by: Sophia Behal


My Grandmom (85), my father (68), my mother (67), and me (25) are isolating at my parents’ house.
We all have a diary, an ISOLATION Diary, in which we note our experiences. I am planning to make a book out of it with the title ‘Our Isolation Diary’.
Summed up, we are very lucky to get along so very well, and because I am the poet in the family everyone is trying to write poems into the diary. 

As of our coronavirus situation in Czech Republic, our country had mandated a lockdown on March 19th and the lockdown is being slowly but surely released step by step. We all have to wear masks in public, also in the future. Honestly, many people are very worried about what will happen after the full lockdown release. Will the virus spread? Will we get sick? What’s next?


Czech Republic

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