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Jonatan Becerra



written by: Shelly Norris


Gravity bound
they press
away from this cliché boxed canyon
this extant setting sun
as their fists open

spilling polished stones
collected from a long silence
between echoes.

Everywhere but forward
barricaded, kaleidoscopic visions
from uncharted places and times
whisper across an ancient whetstone
honing human grit to a fine edge.

You can count
on morning traipesing blindly
behind like an entourage
of sycophants, count

on their blistered feet
draped overboard, glassed eyes
fixed straight ahead, stiff brows
arched between shorelines:

the one weeping and the one

bellowing their names.

Count on another night
seeping in with no word
from abroad

and the rogue wave
swallowing all promise
of discovery.

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