Our Defiant Song, a poem by Phillip Dodd at Spillwords.com
Viktor Forgacs

Our Defiant Song

Our Defiant Song

written by: Phillip Dodd



No fisherman could haul in
all the fish from the ocean
nor could any citizen take in
every fact and notion
from the coronavirus news.
Low in the lock down,
compelled to watch and listen,
we cannot begin to take it all in,
how bad, how sad it is.
We fear sprays of spiky orbs,
animated on the screen,
our invisible enemy revealed,
magnified our foe unseen.
We have no silver armour
to defend us from those darts
that fasten on the lung,
leave behind broken minds, hollow hearts.
When scientists speculate,
branch out to what may be
if the curse of the virus
invades refugee camps
and lands of war and poverty,
it is hard to hold on hope,
if vision is cleansed clear,
and reports honed to honesty.
And yet we know this time of coronavirus
will be overcome.
The wheels will turn again.
Our defiant song we will sing loud and long
that now we can only hum.

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