The House in The Forest by Dianne Moritz at

The House in The Forest

The House in The Forest

written by: Dianne Moritz


In a forest dark and eerie,
Stands a house run-down and dreary.
Cobwebs droop from the broken eaves.
Rodents skitter through shriveled leaves.

The house is in complete neglect –
all windows cracked, the porch steps wrecked.
I’m sure that no one’s living there,
But when night comes, you must…Beware!

Skeletons clatter from their tombs
To wander in the shadowed rooms.
Most ghosts fly into the gloaming,
moaning, groaning as they’re roaming.

Bats in the attic take to flight,
hunting, shrieking throughout the night.
So, I say, to those undaunted:
Never enter! The house is haunted!!

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