Halloween Magic, poem by Cindy Georgakas at Spillwords.com

Halloween Magic

Halloween Magic

written by: Cindy Georgakas


Treats not tricks
make everything sweet
on Halloween Eve.

Anything you dream,
you can try on
and delight or fright.

From ghosts to goblins
to the devil next door,
or be a vampire
and get sweet revenge.

Don’t feel like cleaning
or cooking your meals?
Transform to bewitched 
a genie in a bottle.

You can come as you are
in pjs and slippers.
A magical time to
cast spells and a brew.

While parents drink spiked cider,
watching kids bounce off walls
on a sugar high,
weaving spider webs.

Creative trades for turning in candy,
work like a charm
as parents’ bellies expand
right in time for 
Jolly Old Saint Nick!

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