Painting Manhattan, poetry by Thaddeus Hutyra at

Painting Manhattan

Painting Manhattan

written by: Thaddeus Hutyra



Cornelius, I am truly feeling myself Alice in NYC wonderland, lost in my fantasies
Look, whatever part of NYC you choose you unmistakably see all the marvels of it
We have already been to all of the NYC boroughs away from Manhattan’s dazzle
And I am still undecided which of them the best one in picturing the heart of NYC.

I loved the most the waterfronts, both of the East River and the Hudson River
Both offering spectacular views of Manhattan, I was so much stunned and still am!
I could not take my eyes away from the Empire State Building shining in the Sun
It looked to me a diamond and gold, all angels with their harps, the Lord’s shine.

But, believe me, the same the display of so many other imposing features of NYC
That made me a dancer in the entirety of myself, a dancer flowing to the Universe
The one called Manhattan, splashed in music so amazing I instantly melted into it
And then I myself became part of that music in the ears of New Yorkers, I felt it so.

Cornelius laughed gently and pleasantly. – You know, Beatrice, you’re my muse
Let’s go again to Williamsburg and West New York, and watch the Manhattan’s sky.

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