Questions of Reflections, poetry by Marg Smith
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Questions of Reflections

Questions of Reflections

written by: Marg Smith


Reflect on your inner connection
Internally inspect and reflect
on your journey of life –

In your inner and outer world
what are you projecting and reflecting?
What are you letting go of,
What are you maintaining and
what are you attaining?

Reflect on your rise and fall
Did you feel big or small
and was that all!

There’s a lot of things
to inspect on and ponder on –
Your agendas, promises,
your wishes, growth and position.
All of these have a need
to reflect and connect, and reconnect on –
so that there isn’t future regret
of that something you didn’t expect.

Reflect on what is at hand
and what is for the future
where are you going and what are you doing?
What do you feel?
and what do you need to heal?

Reflect on questions and answers given
– what is showing and what is hidden.
See what life is giving, and what you are revealing;
what you are taking, and what are you bestowing;
what you are making, and how are you going?
Reflect and project, something of what you want to be
Believe it and see it, and it will come to be.

Reflect on, how a reflection
can show a perfect image of what it is,
giving double attraction.
See how a reflection
can awaken a part of you for transition
through your perception – your inner vision.

Give yourself permission to let your life reflect
your true admissions.

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