Good Wishes, poetry by Marg Smith
Oliver Hihn

Good Wishes

Good Wishes

written by: Marg Smith


I wish, I wish
to have a good wish or two for you
because it will help stop
you from feeling sad and blue.

Good wishes – it is true
uplift and touch the heart in you
as well as healing
that which is troubling you.

If you ever thought
what is the best thing to do
I can tell you –
Simply send pure loving thoughts
from your heart and mind
out into the universe
giving the comfort
that some one may need to find
As you cannot physically
give and do what
someone needs of you.

Now, no matter where troubles may be –
the wars that rage, the doubts, the fear.
Know, that some how, some way
your good wishes, and blessings
will find a way,
to be felt by those across the bay,
and the continents far away,
giving love and care
where things are unfair.

Who ever knew
the magic of love and care
a good wish, or two could do.

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