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The Crash

The Crash

written by: LunchboxRachel



And just like that
the boom, that bang
so loud and startling,
I didn’t even notice its power
until I laid on the stable earth below me.

On my back looking up,
I stare into the brightest blue sky I’ve ever seen.
I wish I did this more often.
But, something tells me that
I’ll get to do this much more often.

I’m in the midst of a sunflower field.
The tall yellow beauties sway with the breeze.
I know I’m in a lot of pain, but I don’t feel anything.
I start to float, not in a specific direction,
but everywhere and nowhere all at once.

I’m only conscious and am looking
at a man putting a coat over my body.
This is an act of respect,
not of disgust and fear of looking at me.
I am honored and hope he gets everything he wants in life.

I see the man that sat next to me on the plane.
He was upset on the phone.
Life wasn’t going as he planned.
But he lie there in the warm soil
between the rows of growth.

His humbled face,
with a smile wider than his new wings,
Assured me,
actually, all of us of where we are.
Welcome aboard, life is good.



Inspired by the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 incident.

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