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My Country Walk

written by: hedgehog


The birch wood its silver bark flashes bright
Catching the sun's rays between the clouds and sky
Shadows flicker and dance along the forest floor
Swallows curl dizzily in the swift west breeze
Dodging and darting as they feed on the wing

The old farmhouse windows, gaping holes
Doors hanging on rusty hinges at jaunty angles
A rotting heap only the chimney left whole
Jackdaws black spectral figures rise into the air
Disputing their territorial rights to this pile of bricks

Old Man's Beard soft and white furnish the hawthorn
Rampant on the hedge banks leading to open fields
Scuttling around the hedgehog snuffling for worms
As the sun falls gently beyond the red horizon, Herons
Under the setting sun roosting, their days fishing done

Darkness drops, the soft starlight glow of night
Black against the sky the elms twisted branches silent
We are old friends the wood and I as I wander this path
Our knowledge of each other allows for tranquil silence
My house welcoming and warm as I key the lock



I'm a retired Civil Servant, I worked for the Ministry of Defence retiring at the age of fifty. I am now seventy years of age and was encouraged by my good friend Annie Mulholland in February 2016 to write short stories and poetry as she thought I was well capable of writing both. I started writing in earnest in June of 2016. I have joined a writing group "Tenovus write with us".

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