The Tusker's Tale, poetry written by Nishand Venugopal at

The Tusker’s Tale

The Tusker’s Tale

written by: Nishand Venugopal



The Tusker's Tale, poetry written by Nishand Venugopal at‘We are the “Lords of the Jungle”,
When we walk the ground would tremble,
Our service to nature will make anyone humble,
But what we are going through will make your words fumble,
How you will feel when your family is driven out from the land they used to stay?
By an intelligent, proliferating species, and the costs that we have to pay,
Centuries-old paths of our sustenance which our matriarch used to take,
One fine day, they are blocked with dams, mines, rails & roads which make our patience break,
Covered with invasive plant species and dust, our supply of food has gone lost,
That makes us raid the farms; which came with a huge cost,
Farmers who live nearby, they do worry about us,
In despair or anger, some may try to drive us out with too much fuss,
Sometimes it works; sometimes it leads to a terrible mistake,
As we are disturbed & we don’t know where our feet will take,
Even on the roads, when we try to cross over,
People confuse us with those elephants that follow their order,
Most of those animals are burdened with chains over their body,
Live with a broken mind and care which is generally shoddy,
Some nervous, excited onlookers shout, throw stones, honk and make us go bonkers,
If only all mind their own business;
Then the mishaps will always remain lower,
Why don’t they watch us with a peaceful demeanour?
The trauma that we undergo due to ivory,
Greed for its need is a big worry,
Tired of being a refugee in our own land,
Wish these troubles vanish with the swirl of a wand,
Can the freedom, these jungles & beautiful streams filled with fresh water,
Stay along with us forever and ever…’

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