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For The Unwritten Balad

For The Unwritten Ballad

written by: Aneek Chatterjee



The sky is copper this evening.
Leaves are swinging in the tree.
Winds have ably carried
my whispers and young leaves are
ready for an immortal love story.

The sky is copper.
But all green leaves have turned
gold, in sudden ecstasy,
looking at me, the irresistible
bird, preparing to fly to the green
for the impregnable ballad
of love, unwritten thus far.

Aneek Chatterjee

Aneek Chatterjee

Aneek Chatterjee is a poet and academic from Kolkata, India. He has been published in reputed literary magazines and anthologies across the globe. He authored 16 books including four poetry collections and a novel. His fourth poetry collection “Archive Avenue” (Cyberwit, 2022) came out in October, 2022. Chatterjee has a PhD in International Relations; and he has been teaching in leading Indian and foreign universities. He was a Fulbright Visiting faculty at the University of Virginia, USA and a recipient of the prestigious ICCR Chair to teach abroad.
Aneek Chatterjee

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